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The Journey

How we elevated the standard of eyecare in South Florida.
Our Journey

How it all started

Dr. Aaron Evans started his journey to build a network of top eyecare facilities in South Florida with the acquisition of Visual Eyes at Mizner Park, his first practice, in 2009.

Despite economic challenges, he transformed this first practice into a leading optometry facility in Boca Raton through innovative interior redesigns, advanced eye care technology, and bold marketing strategies.

Over the years, Dr. Evans and his team have focused on improving patient experience and comfort, setting the stage for his network of elite eye care facilities in South Florida. Follow our journey below.

visual eyes 2009


The Inception at Mizner Park

Our story begins in 2009, nestled in the vibrant heart of Mizner Park, with the acquisition of Visual Eyes. This marked the first step in our journey, setting the stage for a legacy of eye care excellence.

Visual Eyes Mizner Park Expansion: Phase 1

Right after acquisition in 2009, Visual Eyes went through its first makeover.

visual eyes 2008Visual Eyes Mizner Phase 1 Remodel


Expanding Our Vision in Delray Beach

The story unfolded in 2012 along the scenic Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, FL, with the acquisition of Seaview on the Ave.

This chapter in our tale represented a significant expansion, extending our commitment to providing exceptional eye care services.

This practice was later re-located on the same street, and re-branded to View Optical.

Seaview on the Ave - BeforeSVA-Remodel


A New Chapter with Seaview Optical

In July 2013, we turned a new page by acquiring Seaview Optical in Delray Beach, FL.

This addition not only broadened our reach but also deepened our connection with the community, affirming our role as a dedicated provider of quality eye care.

seaview optical storefront
seaview showroom
pretest room seaview


Introducing Bocaview Optical in Boca Raton

In 2014, we opened Bocaview Optical, strategically located near the bustling Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, FL.

This new venture symbolized our innovative spirit and dedication to accessibility.

Bocaview Optical Storefront
Bocaview BeforeBV-After-Showroom


Visual Eyes at Delray Marketplace - Serving The West

In 2017, recognizing the need to serve the patients in west Boca Raton and Delray, we opened Visual Eyes at Delray Marketplace.

This step illustrated our ongoing commitment to expanding our services and catering to the diverse needs of our community.

Visual Eyes Delray
Visual Eyes Delray Showroom


New Location, New Look: View Optical

Previsously known as Seaview on the Ave, this practice moved a few blocks down the same street, brand new look, and a new name, View Optical. 

view optical showroom


The Merger – Elite Vision and Bocaview Optical

The year 2021 brought about a significant consolidation. We purchased Elite Vision and seamlessly merged it with Bocaview Optical.

This move was a strategic amalgamation of expertise, heralding a new era of comprehensive eye care services.

bocaview customers


Part 1: Acquisition of Royal Palm Optical

We acquired and expanded Royal Palm Optical in Boca Raton, FL.

royal palm storefront mockup
Royal Palm Optical Blueprint


Part 2: The First Dedicated Dry Eye Clinic

2022 was also a landmark year. We pioneered a groundbreaking initiative by opening the first Dry Eye Clinic dedicated to Dry Eye Treatments in the USA in August.

This innovative clinic set a new standard in specialized eye care.

dry eye rescue clinic storefront
dry eye rescue clinic reception
dry eye rescue clinic boca showroom


Part 1: Lakes Eye Center Acquisition

Our journey reached new heights in 2023 with the acquisition of Lakes Eye Center in Miami Lakes, FL in March.


Part 2: Eye Site Vision Center Acquisition

The same year marked the acquisition of Eye Site Vision Center in Coral Springs, FL in April.

These strategic expansions illustrated our unwavering commitment to bringing top-notch eye care to a wider audience.

eyesite vision center
eyesite vision center


Visual Eyes Mizner Park Expansion: Phase 4

And to close the year in 2023, we completed the latest expansion of Visual Eyes Mizer Park, making it its fourth makeover since 2009.

visual eyes 2022visual eyes mizner
visual eyes mizner reception