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Lakes Eye Center

Lakes Eye Center, nestled in the heart of Miami Lakes, stands as a beacon of eye care excellence, carrying a legacy that spans over three decades. Previously known as Moran and Mauri Eye Associates, this esteemed optometry office has earned its reputation as a trusted eyecare provider in the community.

A standout feature of Lakes Eye Center is its family-oriented staff, a cohesive team that has been working together for over 20 years. This longevity has fostered an office environment that strikes a perfect balance between professionalism and fun, ensuring that patients receive the best eyecare in a welcoming atmosphere.

At the helm of the office’s operations is Maria Lazo, the manager, who, along with several key employees, has been instrumental in making Miami Lakes a special place for eye care. Dr. Belkis Perez, a highly regarded optometrist, plays a pivotal role in the center’s success, attending to over three thousand Miami Lakes residents annually who entrust their eye health to her expertise.

Lakes Eye Center prides itself on staying ahead in eyewear trends, offering the latest in fashion and technology. This commitment to up-to-date fashion is not just about aesthetics; it ensures that every patient leaves not only looking their best but also with optimal vision.

The center’s vibrant staff is the driving force behind this mission, dedicated to ensuring that each patient’s experience is both satisfying and effective. Their energetic approach and strong social media presence have extended the center’s reach, attracting patients from all around Miami who seek the latest in eyewear fashion. At Lakes Eye Center, the fusion of fashion, advanced eyecare, and a warm, experienced team promises a unique and fulfilling eyecare experience.

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