About Us

Our story and the team behind our success.

About Eyecare Advisors

At Eyecare Advisors, our mission is to elevate the eye care experience within the field of optometry. Our group began with the acquisition of a single practice in 2009 and has since expanded rapidly to multiple locations across South Florida.

We specialize not only in acquiring practices but also in building them from the ground up, ensuring that each new venture meets our high standards of excellence.

Our commitment to quality, innovation, and patient satisfaction lies at the core of everything we do. This is reflected in our team of experienced optometrists and highly skilled staff, which includes opticians, managers, technicians, and marketing specialists. All are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled eye care experience to our patients.

Our practices offer a comprehensive range of eye care services, including advanced eye exams, a wide selection of eyewear, contact lenses, and specialized eye care treatments.

More than just an eye care group, we are a team of visionaries and experts, constantly pushing the boundaries in optometry to improve the experience and satisfaction of all our patients.

Our Journey

How it all started

We began our journey in 2009 with a single practice in Boca Raton. Through dedication and a commitment to excellence, we expanded significantly.

By 2022, our growth led us to operate nine practices throughout South Florida, and our very first location at Mizner Park becoming one of the most iconic and impressive eye care facilities in the area.

Learn more about our journey, the timeline of our growth, and milestones achieved along the way.

visual eyes journey

Meet Our Team

The journey over the years has taught us a lot on how to build and maintain high quality standards in our practices.


Aaron Evans



Dave Edwards

Vice-President of Optical Operations


Kirsten Cooperman

Vice-President of Medical Operations

The team behind our success

The secret sauce that makes it all happen.