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Aaron Evans, O.D.

President & CEO

Meet Aaron


Aaron Evans, an optometrist by profession, began his venture into private optometry with the acquisition of his first practice in 2009. His dedication and visionary leadership have since expanded his operations across multiple locations, culminating in the creation of the Eyecare Advisors Group. Aaron’s commitment to delivering an elevated eye care experience, coupled with significant investments to enhance patient care, has redefined the standards for optometry practices in South Florida.

Recognizing the challenges faced by private optometrists, Aaron shifted his focus from clinical practice to developing innovative ventures aimed at addressing the needs within the optometry business. Among these initiatives is DryEye Rescue, a bold and groundbreaking startup, where Aaron, as its co-founder and CEO, has propelled to the forefront of the eye care industry.

DryEye Rescue has introduced a comprehensive system that supports eye doctors nationwide in expanding their practices and elevating the level of patient care, showcasing Aaron’s ongoing influence on improving the optometry landscape.

More on Aaron

Aaron Evans’ journey began in the radiant, sunny city of Pensacola, Florida, a place that instilled in him values of dedication, familial bonds, and visionary thinking. Growing up in Florida, Aaron developed a deep passion for sports during his youth, an experience that honed his skills in teamwork and discipline. This sporting enthusiasm continued until his college days at Florida State University in 1999, where a significant change in his interests took place. Within the university’s academic environment, Aaron found his true passion and future career path in Optometry, setting the stage for his professional life.

This newfound passion led him to Nova University, where, in 2008, he earned his doctorate in Optometry. It was a time of both academic achievement and personal joy, as it was during these formative years that Aaron met his wife, the love of his life. Their union would later be blessed with two daughters, bringing a new dimension of love and responsibility to Aaron’s life.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit inherited from his family, Aaron didn’t just dream of practicing optometry; he envisioned owning his practice. This vision became a reality in 2009 when he acquired his private practice in Boca Raton. The following year, his brother, Dennis Evans, joined the practice, bringing additional expertise and manpower. This partnership proved to be a catalyst for growth, enabling Aaron to expand his practice to multiple locations.

Aaron’s success in the competitive field of eyecare can largely be attributed to his remarkable ability to surround himself with quality individuals. This talent has not only been pivotal in his professional life but has also fueled his appetite for expansion in all aspects of eyecare. Beyond his professional endeavors, Aaron is a man of varied interests.

When he steps away from his practice, Aaron indulges in his love for golf, boating, and traveling with his family. Though fishing and snowboarding are counted among his hobbies, opportunities to engage in these activities are rare, given his commitment to his profession and family. Yet, it’s this balance between work, play, and family that truly defines Aaron Evans—a visionary in optometry and a dedicated family man, ever committed to the well-being of his patients and loved ones.

Education & Certifications
Nova Southeastern University, FL

Doctor of Optometry: 08/2004 – 05/2008
Bachelors of Vision Science: May 2006

Florida State University (FSU)

Bachelor of Science (Exercise Physiology): 08/1999 – 12/2003
Dual Minor in Chemistry and Business

How it all started

Aaron Evans OD
Dr Evans with Patient

Our journey started with one small optometry office at the iconic Mizner Park in Boca Raton, and grown to multiple locations in South Florida.

Aaron Evans DryEye Rescue

Life in the Exam Room

In the many years Aaron has spent attending to his patients, his approach has always been one that merges professionalism with personal touch. He’s made it his mission to ensure that each patient walking through our doors, leaves with a sense of having been truly cared for. This commitment has led him to invest thoughtfully in the interior design of each location, creating a welcoming atmosphere that complements the cutting-edge eye care technology he’s equipped his practices with.

Aaron’s passion for excellence doesn’t stop at the exam room. He has taken the eyewear shopping experience to new heights, presenting patients with an array of choices that reflect both brand,  style, and accessibility. The careful curation of eyewear transforms the post-exam selection process into an enjoyable shopping experience in each location.

mizner showroom

Fast forward through the years, Aaron’s vision for a superior eye care experience is no longer just a dream but a reality across his nine locations. Each practice stands as a testament to his dedication to enhancing the patient journey, from the moment they walk in for an exam to the moment they leave, satisfied with service that goes above and beyond.

Beyond the Exam Room

Aaron Evans has made significant strides beyond his work as an optometrist, identifying and addressing the challenges that private practices often face. His first initiative was a pioneering an e-commerce platform, tailored to give optometrists across the nation cost-effective access to designer eyewear. This platform has empowered more than 2,000 eye doctors to keep their practices competitive by offering high-quality frames at more accessible prices, a vital move in times of financial strain and reduced insurance reimbursements.

Building on the success of this platform, Aaron co-founded DryEye Rescue, an innovative company dedicated to expanding dry eye services for eye care providers. It has quickly gained traction as one of the most prominent names in the eye care industry, providing solutions for practices and relief for patients suffering from dry eye disease. Aaron’s ventures have significantly broadened the scope of eye care, marking his contributions as transformative in the field.

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