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Bocaview Optical, established in 2015 and located near the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, is a distinguished optometry office serving the local community. At its core, Bocaview Optical is committed to family-oriented service, offering a wide range of eyewear suitable for all ages.

The office is renowned for its welcoming and skilled staff, under the leadership of Shirley Melendez, a licensed optician known for creating a fun and engaging environment for clients.

Bocaview Optical is also home to Dr. Adriana Garcia and Dr. Murad Zayed, esteemed optometrists who provide comprehensive eye care to over five thousand residents of Boca Raton annually. Their focus is not only on ensuring optimal vision but also on maintaining overall eye health.

Bocaview Optical is equipped with state-of-the-art eye examination technology, reflecting its dedication to advanced eye care practices.

Notably, it is the origin of Dry Eye Rescue, a nationally recognized platform developed for doctors specializing in the treatment of dry eye conditions. This innovation underscores Bocaview Optical’s role as a leader in optometric services and its commitment to addressing a wide range of eye health needs.

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