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The Dry Eye Rescue Clinic, established in 2022, marks a pioneering venture in Florida as the state’s first clinic entirely dedicated to the treatment of dry eye disease. This specialty clinic stands out for its exclusive focus on this condition, offering a comprehensive range of the latest treatments including Intense Pulse Light, Lipiflow, TearCare, Low Level Light Therapy, and advanced eyelid cleaning procedures.

Functioning as a central referral hub, the clinic not only supports the Eyecare Advisors Group practices but also welcomes referrals from doctors across the area, assisting a broad spectrum of patients in need of specialized dry eye treatment.

The Dry Eye Rescue Clinic is designed to be the foundational model for an ambitious nationwide expansion. Dr. Aaron Evans O.D. and his DryEye Rescue Co-Founder, Thiago Pinheiro, now aim to establish a network of similar clinics across the United States.

The success and vision of the clinic are attributed to the collaborative efforts of its leadership team. Kirsten Cooperman, the Administrator and Vice President of Medical Operations, alongside Medical Director Dr. Ryan Beck O.D., plays a crucial role in the clinic’s operations and strategic direction.

The original vision of Dr. Aaron Evans was instrumental in creating this unique facility, designed to address the needs of the millions suffering from dry eye disease.

The Dry Eye Rescue Clinic not only stands as a testament to innovative healthcare but also as a beacon of hope for those affected by this challenging condition.

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