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Welcome, Royal Palm Optical

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We’re proud to welcome Royal Palm Optical to the Eyecare Advisors family.

Eyecare Advisors Group Acquires Royal Palm Optical, Expanding Presence and Enhancing Eye Care Services in Boca Raton.

Eyecare Advisors Group, a leading provider of comprehensive eye care services, is pleased to announce its strategic acquisition of Royal Palm Optical, a trusted and respected optometry practice with over 30 years of dedicated service to the Boca Raton community. This significant development, completed in August 2022, marks a major milestone in Eyecare Advisors Group’s expansion efforts and reinforces its commitment to delivering top-notch eye care services.

Royal Palm Optical, known for its unwavering commitment to excellence in vision care, state-of-the-art technology, and a team of experienced optometrists and staff, has been a cornerstone of eye care in Boca Raton for over three decades. Specializing in accurate prescription eyeglasses and offering frames designed by renowned designers from around the world, Royal Palm Optical has earned a reputation as a destination for those seeking both precision in vision correction and style in eyewear.

“We are thrilled to welcome Royal Palm Optical into the Eyecare Advisors Group family,” stated Dr. Aaron Evans, CEO of Eyecare Advisors Group. “Our mission has always been to provide exceptional eye care services, and this acquisition aligns perfectly with our vision. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the previous owners, Jan Kirsch and Merri Paolino, for their years of dedication to the Boca Raton community.”

Patients who have relied on Royal Palm Optical for their eye care needs will experience a seamless transition, with uninterrupted access to the same trusted team of eye care professionals. Eyecare Advisors Group is committed to maintaining the highest standards of patient care and ensuring that all individuals continue to receive the personalized attention and expert eye care they have come to expect.

Furthermore, Royal Palm Optical is set to undergo a substantial expansion in Q1 2024, increasing its existing 700 square feet to an expansive 2,500 square feet. This expansion will usher in a new era of eye care excellence, allowing for:

  • Expanded Eyewear Selections: With the additional space, Royal Palm Optical will significantly enhance its collection of eyewear options, offering patients a broader selection of accurate prescription eyeglasses and frames designed by world-renowned designers.
  • Improved Patient Experience: The expanded premises will be designed for patient comfort and convenience, featuring spacious waiting areas, private examination rooms, and a modern and welcoming ambiance.
  • Expanded Eye Care Services: Royal Palm Optical will also broaden its range of eye care services to meet the diverse needs of its patients, including additional diagnostic equipment and advanced testing procedures.

Patients can expect minimal disruption to services during the expansion process, as Royal Palm Optical continues to provide the same exceptional eye care.

“We invite the community of Boca Raton and beyond to visit our newly expanded Royal Palm Optical location, set to unveil in Q1 2024. This expansion is not just about size; it’s about enhancing the eye care experience for each of our valued patients. Come explore our significantly enhanced collection of eyewear, featuring the latest designs from world-renowned designers. Experience the comfort and advanced care in our spacious new premises, tailored to meet all your eye care needs. To see the difference that Eyecare Advisors Group and Royal Palm Optical offer, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our team of expert eye care professionals. Join us in celebrating this new chapter in eye care excellence.”

We look forward to welcoming you and continuing to serve the Boca Raton community with unparalleled eye care services.

This strategic acquisition not only strengthens Eyecare Advisors Group’s presence in Boca Raton but also solidifies its position as a leader in the eye care industry. The organization’s dedication to delivering comprehensive and compassionate eye care remains unwavering.

For more information about Royal Palm Optical, and their services, please visit www.royalpalmoptical.com.

About Eyecare Advisors Group:

Eyecare Advisors Group is a leading provider of comprehensive eye care services, committed to delivering exceptional vision care to patients in South Florida. With a network of skilled optometrists and a passion for innovation, Eyecare Advisors Group is dedicated to enhancing the eye care experience for all patients.

About Royal Palm Optical:

Royal Palm Optical is a respected optometry practice with over 30 years of experience, specializing in accurate prescription eyeglasses and offering frames designed by renowned designers from around the world. The practice is committed to providing top-quality eye care services to the Boca Raton community and beyond.


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