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Introducing Dry Eye Rescue Clinics

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The first Dry Eye only specialty clinic of its kind.

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking development in the world of eye care: the opening of the first ever specialized Dry Eye Rescue Clinic in Boca Raton, Florida. This innovative facility is the first of its kind in the United States, and is dedicated exclusively to addressing the growing need for dry eye care in South Florida.

This standalone clinic was established in response to the increasing demand for a hub location capable of serving our partner optometry offices , as well as those suffering from dry eye disease in the wider community. With the latest top-of-line diagnostic equipment and the most advanced dry eye treatments available on the market today, the Dry Eye Rescue Clinic is undoubtedly the place to go for anyone experiencing the frustrating and often debilitating symptoms of this common condition.

With this specialized clinic finally providing a focal point for dry eye sufferers, there is now a renewed sense of hope and optimism for those who have long yearned for a truly specialist approach to their eye care needs.


lakes eye center

Welcome, Lakes Eye Center

Eyecare Advisors, a group focused on building elite practices in South Florida, announced today that it has acquired Lakes Eye Center (Former Mauri Eye Associates). Lakes Eye Center is a full service optometry office located in Miami Lakes, Florida.

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eyesite vision center

Welcome, Eyesite Vision Center

Eyecare Advisors, a leading provider in eye care services, is thrilled to announce the acquisition and grand reopening of Eyesite Vision Center, a beloved family-oriented optometry practice in Coral Springs, Florida. Established over 20 years ago by Dr. Gary Goberville, Eyesite Vision Center has been a cornerstone in the community, specializing in pediatric vision disorders and comprehensive eye care for all ages.

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